How to Predict MMA Betting Odds

mma betting

The UFC offers a variety of prop bets for fans to place their wagers on. Fight and Performance of the Night are popular prop bets. The odds are generally high. Other popular prop bets include the winner of the main event, fight of the night, and fight of the weekend. Prop bets on UFC events have high payouts but they also depend on the fights themselves. To be successful at MMA betting, you must have an understanding of how the league works, the odds, and the fights.

Another way to predict MMA odds is to study the fighters’ stance and tactics. There are some fighters with a dominant stance, while others may be passive. You can use statistics to help you decide whose stance is more likely to result in a win. If you’re looking for the right style, you can use the UFC official website to learn more about the fighters. In addition to UFC fight statistics, Betting Resources also offers expert insight on the fights, as well as MMA betting odds.

The odds on MMA matches are generally set by bookmakers who benefit from high stakes. However, they can be manipulated by the bookies, so you should be cautious when betting on MMA matches online. The best way to avoid falling victim to these flaws is to focus on MMA betting tips and find a reliable bookmaker. These tips should help you place bets on the fights of your favorite fighters, and you’ll soon see your bankroll grow.

In addition to betting on the fight outcome, you can also bet on the total rounds. In this case, you’ll need to lay -150 in order to win 100 in the fight. The over/under odds are also known as ‘over’ bets, where you bet on the total rounds of a match. However, over/under picks are hard to predict because fighters have different fighting styles. A defensive fighter will often outlast an aggressive fighter.

You should also look for underdog opportunities. They’re not easy to find, but fighters making their UFC debut can be good underdogs. MMA betting online can be lucrative if you take advantage of the underdog odds. Nonetheless, heavyweight fights can also offer great odds, but be aware of the fact that the heavyweight division is notoriously unpredictable. In these situations, the best betting strategy is to avoid betting on heavyweights.

Another popular type of MMA betting is called MMA handicap betting. This type of bet is used when a fight goes the distance. The handicap bet allows you to place a wager on a fighter’s ability to win within the margin of error. In MMA handicap betting, a fighter with a + sign is a favorite, while a fighter with a – sign is considered an underdog. A win in this type of wager pays out if the fighter wins by KO.

Another popular MMA betting market is the round over/under bet. This type of bet involves predicting the number of rounds the fight will last. Many bouts feature an over/under line of one half or two-and-a-half rounds. By placing your bet on the under side, you bet that the fight will end before the halfway mark of the third round. If you choose the over side, the fight will last more rounds and ultimately go to a decision.